March 23, 2020 2 min read

Working out with Wessling


We are encouraging everyone to listen to our leaders and practice social distancing to ensure we beat this Pandemic. PNG athlete and all-around bad ass John Wessling has put together some cycling workouts for all of us to follow while we are spending time inside.


Hey everyone! My name is John Wessling, I wanted to tell you a little about me, I’m a former NCAA Collegiate skier, current USA cycling mtb Cat 1 national champ in short track and XC. I’m currently coaching collegiate Skiers, and UCLA’s cycling program, I’m a fitness advisor for some of the world’s best SX/Motocross racers but at the end of the day I’m just like you! I love seeing the athletes I train succeed and with everything going on my athletes are on hold and I’m putting my energy into helping you. These workouts can be done on a spin bike, bicycle with a trainer, or even rowers. These are the same workouts my top athletes use during the season so enjoy training like a pro!


Heart Rate Zones (% of MAX HR)

Zone 1- 60-70%

Zone 3- 85-90%

Zone 5- 90% or more


Pre ride- PNG Orange Crème Refuel Gels, bottle of PNG Watermelon Cucumber,

During- one bottle of PNG Watermelon Cucumber hydration

Recovery- one bottle of PNG Watermelon Cucumber hydration


15-minute warm up zone 1


3x3 minutes zone 3, with 3 minutes zone 1 spinning in between


After the last 3-minute interval take 10 minutes of zone 1 spinning


Right into 5x30 second sprints all out! With 1-minute easy spinning in between


15-minute cool down zone 1




I hope you all enjoyed your first work out with me. If you like to know more about me or you are interested in a personalized training program click here

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