January 06, 2020 2 min read

A1 Ride Days


PNG is a brand built from the core of two wheel athletes. We are new to the Nutrition Space, but we are most definitely not new to sharing good times on the trails. We have attended the A1 ride Daze put on by Rock N’ Road cyclery as riders, but not with the brand we are so proud of so this event was a little different for us.


The 9th annual A1 ride daze was one for the books. It’s the start of the Supercross season the hype is in the air and we all waited for the checkered flags to fly at Angel stadium in hopes the winner of the race would be riding with us the next day. It was a great race and the riders didn’t let a full night of racing keep them from pedaling with their fans on some of Orange County’s favorite trails in the morning from the Rock N’ Road Mission Viejo location.

We don’t have an exact head count, but we are guessing around 300 riders of all ages, genders, and abilities came and with their bikes of choice to ride with the stars of Supercross. We were happy to provide over 10 gallons of hydration and multiple boxes of gels to keep the riders hydrated and fueled. We would like to Thank Rock N’ Road cyclery and Specialized for putting on such a great event. It’s not often that you can bring a community together to share the love of two wheels with the only trophy being a photo of your favorite two wheel star. We look forward to the 2nd round of supercross because we will be at the A2 ride daze at Specialized Costa Mesa.

Photos Provide by Swapmoto Live

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