June 28, 2019 2 min read

We check in with our Mountain Bike Athlete Austen "Bubba" Warren to see how Crankworx Innsbruck went for him and what's next on his Calendar
First event was Dual Slalom, qualified 3rd feeling good and having more in the tank. Finals came and made it to the round of 8 and unfortunately just hit a flag and got a max differential (1.5 sec) was super bummed but mad up .95 in the next run. Was really feeling good but next slalom race it’s on. So ended up in 5th place for that. 
Moving on to the same day was pumptrack. Super fun track and was feeling really good. Qualified 3rd again and had the fastest time of the day on one side of the track. So was feeling really good for finals. Finals came around and kept pushing to the finals. Made it to the round of 4 against Kyle and moved into the finals against Adrian Laron. In the finals I won the first round and in the last round I lost by .15 of a second and lost by .12 so that’s pretty tough. Stoked to be in the finals but so bummed to lose by nothing. 
The last race I competed in was Downhill. Fresh track an let me tell you super fun. Loamy and super jumpy and just fun. But On finals day it rained for the first time and I was not ready for that haha. Been sometime for me in the mud but did what I could and had fun down on my race run. Made it down and had a smooth run. Over all had a great time at crankworx a d can’t wait for the next race in Big Bear for Crafts and Cranks.
Thanks for all the help and support and hope to see you all so soon!

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