November 18, 2019 2 min read

They say if you build it they will come, and the team at Stacyc and Fox Racing did just that! Stacyc is a revolutionary electric motorcycle that allows riders starting as early as two years old up to about nine years of age depending on how big the child is. Our team is all about the kids and how they can be better in their craft so being able to educate young families the benefits of our products, so their child is ultimately healthier and more prepared is a great feeling.


With over 160 entries and multiple family members in tow we had to make sure we were prepared for the heat that was going to be on the day, and we aren’t talking about just the weather. The HEAT from the young parents excited to watch their children can be intense to say the least, but we were ready for it. We were busy all day supplying all of the riders and families with Blueberry Acai, and Watermelon Cucumber Hydration Refined premix. As the day progressed and the little guys and gals were getting tired and not wanting to eat, the Refuel gels were a hit! With no Caffeine, and a great taste, the Refuel gel really is the perfect product for the pre-race or work out to sustain your energy level.


The dust cleared and the long day was coming to a end. Overall it was a great day seeing the next generation of two-wheel rippers going for it lap after lap. We want to commend the team at Stacyc and FOX racing for putting on such an amazing event that we could be a part of. Families are getting smarter and more educated of what their child needs for hydration and it’s great to be able to provide them with hydration they can trust. We look forward to seeing you at your next event.

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