March 20, 2020 2 min read


We are real people just like you and we have to find a way to excercise to stay metally and physically healthy. Co-founder Sarah Sleeter, mother of two and recreational cyclist, and triathlete will be giving you today's workout.

Hello all this is Sarah Sleeter here, like they said I'm just like you! I'm a stay at home Mum with two boys Mason 9 and Noah 7. It's hard to find time to workout with the little ones always needing something, but I want to encourage you to get outside for at least 30 minutes and workout. It will help you get ride of the toxins, burn some fat, but most of all clear your head in these stressful times.

Before I workout I'm hydrated with PNG Blueberry Acai hydration mix, I also take one of our Refuel Gels for sustained energy during the workout and after I'm taking another Blueberry Acai hydration stick for recovery.

It's important to have good form in all of your stations and not rush anything. This will protect you from getting injured as well and making sure you are working the right muscle group. 

Workout Length: 30 Minutes 

Equipment Required:

- Rower, stationary bike or a place to run for 3 minutes

- Kettle bels or dumbbells 

- Jump Rope


30 min workout 

 3 minute rowing, running or stationary bike

Note: keep your rows between 26-29 strokes per minute. If running or stationary maintain 85% effort

Side Plank: 30 sec

Note: hold your core and glutes tight - remember to breathe

Plank to downward dog: 1 min

Side Plank: 30 sec

Russian Twist: 1 min


Jump Rope: 3 min

Alternating lunges: 1min

Squats: 1 min (as many as possible)

Donkey Kicks: 1 min

Tricep: 30 reps

Shoulder Press: 30 reps

Complete Circuit for 2 rounds: Alternating circuits every 3 minutes

We hope in this very stressful time this will help or encourage you to get in some much needed exercise while you are at home. If you like what we are putting out make sure you comment below and go to the site and order products with discount code  HYDRATE20 at checkout for 20% off.

Best Regards,

Your PNG Family 

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