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Why useRefuel Carbohydrate Gel is a question we get asked often, and Nutrient timing has been a focus for athletes for many years. The timing at which you consume your gel can make or break whether you are chasing PR’s or feeling fatigued, and facing a bonk.

The key reason a gel works well is the volume of carbohydrates which are added. USADA (United States Ani-Doping Association) even claimscarbohydrates to be the master fuel. Lets take a look. 

Why are Carbohydrates Important for Athletes? 

Carbohydrates are one of the most important nutrients needed in an athlete’s diet. Carbohydrates are vital to help reach peak performance during physical activity because they provide:  

Energy: Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for our brains and bodies to function properly. When carbs are eaten they are eventually digested and broken down into smaller sugar molecules called glucose. These glucose molecules are stored in the liver and muscles to be used for fuel, especially during physical activity. Carbohydrates improve athletic performance by delaying fatigue and allowing an athlete to compete at higher levels for longer.  

Muscle Gain: Without an adequate amount of stored glucose in the body, other nutrients, such as fat or muscle protein, are utilized to make energy. With the correct amount of carbohydrates available to muscles, protein can be free to do its main job of repairing and rebuilding muscle tissue, which maximizes muscle gain.

How Carbohydrates Work to Help You Perform Your Best: 

As exercise increases, muscle glycogen (where we store carbohydrates) becomes used up, which causes a higher need for carbohydrates. For children and teens involved in high intensity athletic activities, eating the right amount of carbohydrates before, during, and after an event is very important! Often teenage boys are fooled into thinking low-carb and high protein diets will help them gain significant muscle mass. This is NOT true. A diet low in carbs will not only decrease muscle potential; it will also worsen overall athletic performance. 

The Carbohydrate source used in theRefuel Gel is calledMaltodextrin.  Maltodextrin is highly processed polysaccharide derived from vegetable starch. This is one of the easier to digest forms of carbohydrates which means it can rapidly absorbed it as glucose. Now that we know more about how it works, lets look at timing

Energy Gel Timing:

Before Activity:

  • Take 1 Gel Sachet 15 - 30min before
  • 1 Gel Sachet every 30 - 45 during activity

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