November 05, 2020 3 min read

Our team at The Pinnacle Nutrition Group has been on the road in our 2019 Mercedes Sprinter with a very bare bones build out "at best". After attending multiple activations we were not happy with our efficiency of how we supported the athletes at events. You might wonder how a better build out for activation can help our company? Well so much in fact that we will now save about 2 hrs of total setup and teardown. We also want experience for new customers to be welcoming and fun.
The hard part for all of this is getting the time and right team to build out your dream van. This is where we reached out to the team at Custom Upfits in Sacramento California after seeing their work at the Swap Moto Live Mini Major in Southern California. They have done multiple vans that are works of art. Everything they do is done at the highest level and made in house just for you. Nothing is pre-fab'd or made to work from another build. 
We drove 6 ours from our San Juan Capistrano office to Sacramento on a Monday morning where the team of 5 guys at Custom Upfits dropped all their projects so we could make it back home in just 5 days. Monday afternoon they stripped the little bit of a build-out that we had in to start the Custom Upfits build that they can stand behind.
Over the next five days while the Custom Upfits team was non stop on the van, so Chad Tempo and Mike Sleeter from PNG were able to visit 8 of the largest bicycle retailers in the Sacramento area, ride moto at E-street, South Lake Tahoe, a road bike ride with Derek Teel from Dialed in Health, and MTB with Chad's family and friends around Lake Folsom. We take pride in the saying "real people" "real nutrition" because we are trying to get in our workouts and fun just like you. 
After the 5 days of work and riding, we arrived at Custom Upfits where our minds were blown! Todd Ford and his team of 5 guys went above and beyond for us. They made custom pieces and parts for our gels, electrolyte tubs, and even our 5 gallon water jug. We can also put in 3 motorcycles or 5 bicycles depending on the event we are attending. I want to say one of the best things about using this team is the owner Todd is a rider and racer himself, he has donated a $45,000 trailer to the Road to Recovery to support Brian Moreau's recovery and just loves to see his customer’s dreams come true and we can tell our dream of having a custom van that can make us better at our job has certainly come true. 
We hope to see you at a event or location soon. For more information about Custom Upfits please view the links below.
Build Specs
- 6 LED ceiling lights front to rear
- 4 three foot long overhead cabinets 
- 1500 watt inverter
- partition wall
- LED outside light 
- L-track on back walls
- stereo for the back section
- tool box 
- custom laser cut logos 
- insulation from front to rear
- USB ports
Fore more information about Custom Upfits see the below links

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