December 14, 2020 2 min read

PNG Athlete Kialani Hines 2020 season was ended after the first of round of Crankworx due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Since then Kialani has teamed up with Industry leaders and friends to produce this great story talking about her "Validation".
Quote from Kialani Hines: When Heather and I came together to create a video. Originally we were going to do a fun edit that didn’t really have any meaning other than shredding!
Though there is always room for videos like that, I thought about it and didn’t feel with the current state of the world that I wanted to completely ignore my role in our mountain biking community.
So I sat down and wrote out a “script” of how I want a new generation of bikers to feel about riding bikes. My goal with the short video is to share something I’ve been passionate about, help welcome all to something that has created a safe space for me, and to encourage new faces to fall in love with what makes them happy (hopefully that is mountain biking!).
It’s been an incredible experience and privilege creating my vision with Heather Young and Grow Cycling Foundation. I hope that it inspires all to follow whatever path they envision for themselves.
Quote from Heather Young - Director
I didn’t grow up mountain biking, so as someone who found it later in life, I’ve experienced all the positives it’s brought to my life that I didn’t really know was missing.
It’s been a privilege for one of my first film projects to be able to help tell Kialani’s story, and to be able to work with the Grow Cycling Foundation to deliver her message and support a project that both have the ability to bring a lot of positivity to the community.
Quote from Luca Cometti - Co-Director
I am super excited to be working alongside Kialani and Heather young to tell the story of Kialani’s upbringing in the biking world. Kialani has a refreshing outlook on her childhood and didn’t let her race, gender, or surroundings keep her from achieving her goals and making her mark as a professional athlete. I hope she can be an inspiration to all, about working towards your goals from a young age, believing in yourself, and not letting society tear you down.
Quote from Eliot Jackson  Grow Cycling Foundation
Kialani has always been an inspiration to me. Coming into the Crankworx scene and beating people who had been riding mountain bikes their whole lives. Always a positive attitude and always a smile on her face. She is an amazing ambassador for our sport and a lesson that whatever your dreams are, they are possible and bikes are a great way to achieve them.
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