March 13, 2020 1 min read


The tour de Murrieta has been a long-standing event in the city of Murrieta located in the heart of the historic downtown district. Our team came out to support the Stage 2 cyclery team who happens to be one of our very first retailers who supported PNG in its infancy. The group of racers and teams that attend this event are the most elite criterium racers in the country. The teams of Butcher Block Cycling, Legion of Los Angeles, and Methods to Winning racing were some of the standout teams that were on hand to do battle of over the two days of racing.


The joy of cycling starts at a young age and to see the promoters of the Tour de Murrieta developing a kid’s race for all ages is really important to the growth of the sport so kudos to the team for bringing new eyes to all of us supporting cycling.


Over the course of the two days of racing there were highs and lows from racers of all ages, but one thing stayed the same and it was the effort that the racers, families and competitors put into the event was left on the road.


We would like to thank Stage2 cyclery and the entire team the put on the event we were able to meet a new group of people and share our love for clean nutrition that’s formulated for all ages.

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