March 19, 2020 3 min read

It has been a scary two weeks with the announcement of the coronavirus leading to so many sporting event cancellations. This could be one of the last race weekends for many of us. This is extremely hard on so many teams and athletes relying on events for sponsorship and better support for the 2021 season. We would like to highlight these teams and individuals in this tough time. This past weekend the GNCC, The Reaper Madness at Bootleg Canyon, Winter Gravity series, UCI short track and the SoCal Enduro saw many of the PNG athletes on the podium.


GNCC XC1 off-road racer Josh Strang rounded out the podium with a solid 3rd place finish at the General GNCC in Georgia. Josh relies on PNG Hydration, and Refuel Gels before, during, and after the grueling 3 hour race. Josh is sitting in 2nd place in the overall point standings.


The Incycle gravity team spent the week at Bootleg canyon for team camp, and topped it off with multiple class wins and an overall pro class podium from Cole Suetos. The team has been working hard in the off season and the results show for the entire team early on this season.


Grace Lawson #113, 1st Cat 1 Women Jr Expert

Jason Simpson#124, 1st Cat 1 Men 50+

Thomas Lawson #112, 2nd Cat 1 Men Jr Expert

Cole Suetos#1, 1st Pro Men

Cody Masson #20, 9th Pro Men (Crash in race run )

Steven Cisar #14, 5th Pro Men

Lily Thomas #248, 1st Cat 2 Women 15-18 *(grassroots team)



Steven Cisar #14, 8th Pro Men

Trevor Mejia #21, 10th Pro Men

Justin Duryee #107, 2nd Cat 1 Men 19-29


The UCI race weekend in Temecula, California was cut to a short track on Friday, but the California cross country series went ahead on Saturday with challenging, but fun conditions where we saw PNG athlete John Wesslingdominate the event with the overall win. Katherine Wood won her respective class and Todd Flamingput the hurting on his class. The younger age groups followed John’s lead and left it all on the course. Makenna Kellerman put in an impressive performance in the Cat 1 15-18 year old age group winning by 20+ seconds. Corbin Parsley was up front early, but some early attacks left him with a 4th place overall.


Saturday evening was the final round of the SoCal Enduro triple crown at Vail Lake. The final round of enduro series was held in some amazing conditions. Spencer Rathkamptook the win in the pro class, followed by PNG teammate Cade Calonder in 2nd. Garrett Coxcontinued his dominant performance taking the win in his respected class. Mike Dioriomade a statement dominating the vet Pro class ahead of Joe Lawwill, and Mike Sleeter. This event wrapped up the triple crown where Mike Diorio took the overall win in the Vet Pro class with Ryan Landis taking a 3rd overall in the pro class. Garrett Cox made it easy pickings taking home the overall win in the series wining all three rounds and taking home the triple crown win..


We couldn’t be more proud of all of our athletes laying it on the line each and every weekend. You are the ones the that tell our story and represent us on the battle grounds. Let’s all hope and pray that we get through these scary times and can get back doing what we love.


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